The One-Woman Book Club

I'm Pearl, and welcome to my haphazard and multi-faceted blog... I love DIY ideas, vintage posts (1950's fashion/music is amazing), and anything to do with literature. I also am a fan of some British TV series... Sherlock, Downton Abbey, and (arguably my favorite) Call the Midwife anyone? Running, biking, dance, Taekwondo, and yoga make me happy, and an active lifestyle is my number one obsession. My number two obsession constantly vies for first, and that is writing. Sometimes I'm not even sure of what I think, feel, want, need, love...without writing it down. My aspiration is to be a UN diplomat, and to somehow make the world a better place. Will you join me? Because as long as there are starving children in Africa, I can't justify buying that $200 pair of shoes. As long as there is war overseas, I can't justify getting upset over a chipped nail. As long as there is child abuse, I can't justify buying from the giant corporations that blatantly fund it. I'm not sure how much one person can do, but I plan to push the limits.

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